Michael Goldsmith - 2020/21

You may be aware of the multiple convicted fraudster, Michael Goldsmith - who can be easily searched online. Michael is back out of prison, and may be targeting escorts with his fake cheque and bank transfer frauds, often mentioning drugs and his home location of North Wales. I actually secured some evidence against Michael in his latest conviction - strangely this was in relation to him setting up fake escort profiles to swindle clients out of money with deposit requests - a method which was new for him. I have had a phone conversation with Michael since his release - as he was high, he didn't remember me after spotting my ad. Michael was claiming to have access to bank notes during a trip to London - probably fake notes. This is an unusual claim for him to make - so please make a note of the numbers which are shared on popular escort advertising sites like Sleepyboy, and bare in mind that he may make plausible sounding approaches from any location - usually London or North Wales. Michael uses Sleepyboy and Grindr, and is completely unafraid of going back to jail. If you have any suspicions about this person, do contact the relevant local police authorities wherever he is thought to be.

Rt Rev'd David Gillham - ongoing

I have an ongoing debt of over 300 with the estate of the late Reverend David Gillham, of Livingston, Scotland, concerning services and filming. Shortly after his death, Mr Gillham's family were politely reminded to ringfence the funds via Facebook, but no contact was established. If anybody in my contacts has any information about the state of affairs here, please get in touch. If you are a family member, please search your back messages on Facebook.

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