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With its proximity to London, you'd think it were easy hiring a bi male escort in MK, High Wycombe or Aylesbury - Buckinghamshire. Strangely, I do get quite a high demand from this area, which probably has something to do with immobility of other London based providers and a lack of any professional full time gay/male escorts in these towns. I am willing to serve this demand at any time (3-4 hour or night-long meetings) or meet you at a hired OX3 location (see rates below). Please have a look through the core pages of my site - services, rates and pics. You will see that my services cover all bases, and with 10 years experience, I can be relied upon for long-term arrangements and distance travel. My alternative accommodation in London and OX3 is accessible to your location, and with own transport, I am also available for out calls in neighboring towns such as Marlow, Hazlemere, Beaconsfield, Gerrard's Cross, Amersham, Thame and Tring for similar rates:

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE (County) RATES (assumes 1 hr outward travel):

Milton Keynes

Please also take a look at my reviews, which contain a lot of useful information about my reputation. I do not request reviews, or guilt my customers into writing them. Back to my earlier point about the lack of supply in High Wycombe, MK and Aylesbury. It is true that even Wycombe has its affluent suburbs, however the more affordable areas are not exactly the kind of place you would expect younger gay males to reside - and there is a lack of supply to the market. Buckinghamshire is generally quite an expensive place to live - famously full of wealthy lawyers and stockbrokers, and this means high demand for sex workers from mature males. If I were hiring in the area, and a male escort listed his base as being in Wycombe, I would immediately become very suspicious (not for dislike of Wycombe). Traveling to his location would be almost out of the question... without being judgmental about some of the housing estates in this area, unless he could provide an upmarket address I would be very wary of walking into a drug den - because at the end of the day, it is what it is. The same goes for some parts of MK. I would also be sceptical towards the ability of any local amateur (discretion, professional values, performance, etc) who was not serving either London or the whole UK ... i.e. why *exactly* are they offering their services from HW or MK? When you arrange with me, you can rest assured that I will attend in good time, and charge a flat rate with no one-offs for taxis or extras. I am not a drug user, don't play on drugs while I am working, and have stuck to this rule for over 10 years (excluding marijuana use when deemed social by my customer). I will not need 'instant supply of drugs' to remain emotionally stable if I commit to long distance travel, so please do not worry about this if it is a common problem you have encountered in the past with London male escorts!

Buckinghamshire - Henley, Marlow, Beaconsfield and Amersham

Based in Wycombe or Aylesbury and still interested in my service? Please contact me or call, and we can go over the possibilities before committing to any firm arrangement. I prefer to avoid text as a means of communication.

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