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Hi. I'm an English bisexual male escort and masseur who covers the Swindon area, and the whole country. With access to own car, I am able to travel to Swindon for your escort needs. There are hardly any male escorts in Wiltshire - Swindon is particularly sparse, which sets up a high demand/low supply situation. I have also seen that many of my colleagues from London (make that 90% or more) are actually unwilling to travel this kind of distance to service a customer, even if it means investing a little more time and effort into a good customer. They also sometimes feel trapped without their drugs, access to London drug dealers and immediate supply. I don't have any drug issues, so I travel to a lot of my appointments. Looking to meet today in Swindon? Do browse my services, pics, and rates (short version of rates for Wiltshire below):

SWINDON RATES (assumes 2 hr outward travel):


Another page which a prospective client might make good use of is my reviews, covering nearly every single year I have been active as a male escort for men and couples. As mentioned before, local supply is sadly very poor! You can verify this by browsing UK Adult Zone and Vivastreet, where there are few professional looking alternatives, so how do you know who you are inviting into your house? Cant accommodate? Well, how do you know where you are going - it might even be a multiple occupancy drug den - I have heared this and worse! And then there are London Escorts - kiss goodbye to your money - and even more hassle with drug dependency.


Of course, I have plentiful experience escorting, and never plead with customers for extras, including sweeties, transportation and emergency loans. My costs are all determined in the initial conversation and settled upfront (transportation, balance on arrival) - this allows for a more relaxed and seamless meeting.

Fancy the idea of meeting in Swindon? Now all you need to do is make contact!

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